Gunn wins IBA title!
September 19, 2006
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Bobby Gunn (16-2, 13 ko’s) won the vacant IBA World Cruiserweight Title Saturday at the LCO Casino in Hayward, WI. The main event featured Gunn who realized his dream, with a decisive win over Shannon Landberg, now 58-12-3, 26ko’s, in the 7th round. Referee Steve Smoger the third man in the ring, lived up to his World Class reputation and controlled the action from the opening bell allowing the “fighters to fight,” while delivering a fair and exciting title match to the world.

The “Sandman” was nearly put to sleep before his corner threw in the towel at the: 36 second mark. Gunn delivered combinations to Landberg’s head and body that had Landberg barley making it out of round 6. Gunn resumed the attack in the 7th, delivering ferocious blows to the body before landing a barrage of rights and lefts to Landberg’s head. At this point with Landberg’s eyes swollen shut and unable to defend himself, his corner threw in the towel in an attempt to save their fighter from any further damage.

Steve Smoger was evaluating Landberg throughout the 7th round action and knowing that the only thing keeping Landberg on his feet were the ropes, waved off Gunn, stopping the fight. Landberg demonstrated throughout the fight that he was a warrior and a real professional. But on this night, Gunn was simply too much to handle. Gunn, always respectful in victory, praised Shannon Landberg as “one tough and courageous fighter. He took some unbelievable body shots and showed a lot of heart and class throughout the fight." Gunn injured his right hand in the second round and fought rounds 2, 3, 4 and 5, using his “lethal left” and “old school James Toney” shoulder rolls, to avoid Landberg’s attempts to capitalize on his injury. Jabbing and delivering powerful left hooks to the body, Gunn managed to win all but one round, before opening up in the 6th with left and right combinations.

Quoted after the fight Gunn reported “I didn’t know how bad the right was injured, so I decided to breakdown Landberg with my left for a few more rounds. When I knew I had done enough damage, I turned on the combinations and used rights and lefts to bring the title home.” “Their has been no prouder moment in my career than when I had the honor of Norm Longtin placing the IBA belt around my waist”.