Gunn bounces back
By Norm Longtin
September 19, 2006
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With World-Class Steve Smoger acting as the third man in the ring there was little chance that Bobby Gunn would receive a replay of the events that
occurred in Nashville, Tennessee earlier this year. Those events and the DVD account that would follow have become a must course for many on how not
to officiate a boxing match.

Weighing in at a fit and trim 188.2 Gunn fought in his traditional take no prisoners approach from the outset but had to overcome an early unintentional headbutt, a possible broken right thumb and a point deduction
for headbutting his opponent Shannon Landberg in round five. Ironically it was the justified point deduction from Referee Smoger that seemed to refocus Gunn on the task at hand.

Storming out of his corner in round six Gunn exploded with his trademark left hook that had by rounds end closed Landberg's right eye completely.
Round seven was a mere formality as Gunn pressed forward battering Landberg with both hands along the ropes before a towel came in from his corner. To
his credit Landberg did not fall. Referee Smoger would call a halt to the proceedings at :36 of round seven.

The events of Tennessee may not be completely erased from his mind but Bobby Gunn made a positive first step in the right direction. The future looks
bright and Congratulations Bobby.

Promoter: Joe McEwan: Rock Solid Promotions
Location: LCO Casino, Hatward, Wisconsin