Gross declines Gunn rematch
(for now)
June 21, 2006
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(JUNE 21) In a letter dated May 25th, 2006, IBA Title Challenger Shelby Gross has informed Richard King that he will decline an offer to once again meet
King's fighter, Bobby Gunn, for the still vacant IBA World Cruiserweight Title. Mr. Gross has also informed IBA President Dean Chance that his path
does not include a rematch with Bobby Gunn in the foreseeable future.

  Gross and Gunn engaged in one of the wildest affairs ever seen in a professional ring this past March 31st in Nashville, Tennessee, a bout that
officially saw Gross declared the winner. That decision would later be overturned by the Tennessee State Commission after Gross tested positive for
an illegal substance in his post-fight drug test. Gross found himself suspended by the Commission pending a formal hearing on this matter on June

However that scheduled June 2nd date has been has pushed forward to a date still unknown despite numerous phonecalls to the Tennessee Commission. More later..............