IBA rules on Gunn Vs Gross

Tennessee Commission claims hands are tied and must abide by decision in the ring. The IBA chooses to do the right thing.


Is anyone listening??

The old adage ‘If something can go wrong, it usually does’ seems a perfect fit for last weeks IBA Title Fight in Nashville, Tennessee.

The number one rule given to any fighter before the start of combat is to ‘protect yourself at all times’. Who could argue with that? But if during that protecting or ‘defending’ of one’s self a rule is broken it is up to the referee to enforce the rules. Those rules are clearly established by the Association of Boxing Commissions in America and are mandated in each and every IBA sanctioned event regardless of location. A viewing of last weeks IBA title fight in Nashville, Tennessee will clearly show the State assigned referee did not enforce the A.B.C. rules despite taking part in two rules meetings with the IBA Supervisor Norm Longtin.

The IBA cannot overrule the official decision in the ring the night of March 31, 2006. That decision, despite a solid protest from Team Gunn, can only be changed by the Tennessee State Athletic Commission. It appears the Tennessee Commission as of this writing is unable to do so. Unless they change their ruling down the road the official record will read ‘Shelby Gross TKO 2 Bobby Gunn’.

What the IBA can do is to submit the fight videotape to an IBA review board. That has been done. The review board and President Tim Lueckenhoff of the Association of Boxing Commission are in agreement with the opinion expressed by the on-site IBA Supervisor. Simply put the Tennessee State official violated or simply ignored not one but numerous A.B.C. Rules over the course of this event. That ignorance of the established rules put the integrity of this event somewhere between ‘ear biting’ and a ‘post fight mugging’ of a winning fighter by his beaten opponent.

Based on the opinions of the IBA review board; the International Boxing Association along with President Dean Chance, has declared the IBA Cruiserweight title to be vacated as of 4-10-06. This opinion is once again supported by Mr. Tim Lueckenhoff.

Where do we go from here?

It is hereby mandated that all roads to the vacant IBA World Cruiserweight Title must go through Shelby Gross and Bobby Gunn under the following conditions:

(1) Both Shelby Gross and Bobby Gunn agree to a rematch of their March 31, 2006 fight in Nashville, Tennessee at a site and date to be determined later.

(2) The negotiation period for both camps to finalize an agreement on all business related matters pertaining to the rematch shall extend to but not to exceed ninety (90) days or until June 30th, 2006. The rematch cannot take place before June 30th, 2006 unless approved by the IBA. If an agreement has not been reached between both camps within the ninety day period (June 30th, 2006) the IBA will consider the rematch as undoable and will open the IBA Cruiserweight title to all bidders including Shelby Gross and Bobby Gunn against different opponents.

(3) The IBA recommends that Shelby Gross and Bobby Gunn do not engage in another match under any rules before their rematch is complete. A loss or a win which produces injury could be a major stumbling block as we head toward the rematch.

(4) Both fighters must clear up any and all medical issues that the Tennessee State Commission has forwarded to the Association of Boxing Commissions and clear any and all medical concerns that the State or Local Commission overseeing their rematch might have.

All questions and concerns can be discussed with IBA President Dean Chance at your earliest convenience. Dean can be reached at 330-264-5423


Norm Longtin/IBA Ratings